Frequently Asked Questions

  • is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the lottery to pool resources together, in an effort to increase their chances of winning. This website is organized according to different lottery types. Simply register online, choose your preferred lottery and look forward to your future wins! All lottery winnings are shared equally only between the winning registered members of the particular group (those that have paid and are part of the winning group and have a list of the group).
  • Prior to becoming a member, it is essential to read and accept all Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, most of which are explained in the FAQs. It is mandatory to read the Ontario lottery rules and regulations. Each organization has specific terms and conditions. You must also read the rules of legal consent as set by the law of Ontario in gambling. You will need a valid method to pay and receive funds.
  • If your in-group B and group A wins your not a winner.We are trying to solve these issues by keeping 500 people in one group for now we are not sure how many players we will have, You are the member of the group which you have paid and received a list of members in that group and lucky numbers send by us. We may increase or decrease the number of players in the group based on the lottery and prizes.This will only be done before the lottery starts.


  • Any winnings will be divided only among the specific group members. Winnings of $10 and above will be accounted for on the last day of the draw. The captain will collect the money and email will be sent to each member of the group. If free tickets are won for Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max, a copy of the new free tickets will be sent to your group only. Once we are aware of the winnings, we can add extra money to it and play it for the next round. If you are not interested in continuing, the Captain will refund your share of any money you have won depending on the number of players in that group.
  • Really not much earning from the registration fees after all expenses have to be done, hence captain will be charging 5 % on any winning above $ 10,000
  • For Example, if we win $10,000, we get $500 and so on
  • The captain may join some lottery group as a player but that separate payment he will receive as a group player as he has paid for it to be in that group.
  • For winnings like BBQ sets, watches and jewelry, since these items cannot be divided evenly, they will go directly to the person whose name is attached to the ticket. If we win a vacation package valued below $10,000, the package will go to the individual who's name was attached to the ticket. If the package is valued at above $10,010, it will be sold to the winner of that ticket if he/she wants it. Afterwards, the money is divided evenly among the group members. Next it will be offered to the public, and the money will be divided by that group. Any prize in cash value above $ 10,010 will be divided among that group only.
  • Prizes like cars, or any valuable item above $10,010, will be sold and the money divided by that group. Below $10,000 it goes to the winner of the ticket. But it also depends on what we receive from the lottery winning.
  • Large winnings above 1 million will be dispersed with the help of a lawyer. A fee for the services of the lawyer will be deducted from the winnings, and the remaining portion will be equally divided among those in the winning group.
  • All winnings will be dispersed through banking channels only.
  • The Captain will send you a form to be filled, with all your bank accounts information.
  • In case of a big win, our appointed lawyer will provide the necessary details in respect to future steps to be taken for payment purposes.
  • You or any one buying your ticket must be above 19 years and be in Ontario at the time you Join the lottery. In certain case we will have to appoint a chartered account pay him all fees and taxes. We then will transfer the funds or hand it to anyone in Ontario.

Registration and Purchasing Tickets

  • You must be above 19 years of age (Refer to Ontario Gambling Rules).
  • Each person may purchase one ticket OR one package of 1 ticket per person. You can buy more tickets under different names.
  • Buy Visa or Debit card -- ONLY
  • All transactions and payments are in Canadian dollars only.
  • Some lotteries have a main VIP ticket or a main ticket, plus calendar lottery, plus 50/50 lottery all-in-one. We have to purchase the main lottery to play the rest. In such circumstances, we purchase 1 main lottery plus the smallest package of the calendar and the smallest of the 50/50 lottery.
  • Additional tickets must be purchased under a different name and registration. Each person must pay registration fees.
  • Sorry No cash, just online payments by credit/debit cards.
  • No, you are not permitted to purchase additional quantity. Everyone will purchase the same package. It is a group and we will all purchase the same amount.
  • That's up to you to decide, but they may have to pay some additional taxes. It is important to check with your professional chartered accountant.
  • It will be posted beside each lottery on the lottery page section. It is approximately 4 weeks prior to the lottery due date.
  • No. Once you join a group, you cannot cancel, request a refund, transfer names or gift the ticket to anyone.

Member Duties

  • Read the Ontario gambling rules.
  • Read the rules of each lottery you wish to play on their website, and abide by their rules.
  • Please read FAQ , Privacy policy and terms and conditions before you participate.
  • Please ensure that you receive a signed ticket from the Captain at least 3 weeks in advance and written IN TRUST before the lottery due date.
  • The ticket must be signed with the full name of the Captain.
  • Double check the group and ensure it is the group you wish to play in. Ensure you are a member of only the group you have paid for and not a member of all the groups on this web page.
  • Check your lucky numbers match once you get your tickets. Check your personal information and ensure the right amount of money is withdrawn from your bank.
  • We should be informed of any discrepancies with your lucky numbers and personal information 1 week prior to the date I email you your tickets OR 3 weeks before the lottery so the Captain can purchase the right numbers.
  • Read rules of the lottery you are playing and the OLG
  • If you are a winner, by entering you have provided authorization to release your name and likeness for promotional purposes
  • - This website does not take the responsibility for any hackers or liabilities. By signing the registration form, you acknowledge the you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.

Captain Duties

  • As the captain or administrator of this website which I have been organizing and maintaining for the past 6 years. This website is built in order to have better method of maintaining the groups and receiving payments.
  • As the Captain, I strive to do my best to fulfill needs of all members. Groups are formed by word of mouth through friends and advertising and then the money is collected in a timely manner.
  • The Captain purchases tickets, and signs them IN TRUST.
  • Prior to the draw each member will receive a list of names of the group they belong to and lucky numbers for tickets purchased. Signed IN TRUST by the captain
  • The Captain will email all winnings to the group.
  • The Captain pays for the server/ security and advertisement for the web page and merchant accounts.
  • The Captain divides the winnings and prizes as per the terms and conditions agreed upon.
  • The Captain gives back to charity as agreed in our terms and conditions by all members of the group.
  • The Captain will email the group a copy of the receipt. Any issue or legal issue will be settled out of court as agreed when signing the terms and conditions.
  • A lawyer will assist if the winning amount is above 1 million. He will also be the legal adviser to assist with any issues. Any issue related to personal theft or accounts, the Captain will follow up with the web developers and the server and merchant payments company only.
  • All members of the group release the Captain and the website of any liability in all respects.


  • For various winnings sizes, different rates apply: Any charitable lottery that plays on are web page at that time and wins on our webpage gets 1%:
  • $100,000 to $500,000:
    • Sickkids Hospital 1%
    • Kids Ability 1%
    • Heart and Stroke foundation 1%
    • Canadian Cancer Society 1%
    • Young Girls in Foster Care 1%
    • Other charitable Lottery's 1%
    $500,000 to 1 million:
    • 5% will go back to the charities listed above
    1 million to 70 million:
    • 3% will go back to the charities listed above
  • The lawyer or the captain will ensure these funds are dispersed.

Personal Information

  • The only information shared will be your name, and city. If you are a business, you can request to have your phone number and address additionally shared on the website at your own risk.

Lawyer and Legal Disputes

  • Please note that any disputes arising from usage of this website will be at your own risk. You may not sue or take anyone to court – the captain must be made aware of any disputes so that they may be settled outside of court.
  • They are the legal adviser who has set up terms and conditions. The lawyer helps the captain disperse any winnings above 1 million. The lawyer dictates how the winnings will be distributed and will be in charge for distributing winnings above 1 million. In the case of any issue, the lawyer will help solve disputes outside of court. The lawyer will charge fees for taking these disputes to court, and the fees will be deducted from the winnings.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that any dispute must be solved as a group, outside of court. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to not sue or take anyone to court. Any dispute will be solved with 3 members of that group only and then if needed with the help of an arbitrator or lawyer.


  • Any suggestions to help the website grow are welcome, but remember we are trying to keep things simple. If you have a suggestion, please email the Captain, who will then consult with 3 members of the group or the lawyer. Only reasonable suggestions will be implemented.


  • We pay the server for the best security for the web page. Please check all your bank transactions and remember that only your name and city will be shared with other members. We are not liable for any issues that may arise.

Advertising Your Business

  • Yes, you can offer discounts on your service or advertise your telephone and name, that’s up to you. We are not responsible for any issue or legal matter that may arise due to this.


  • It is a one-time fee for 1 year that enables us to keep this website running. It covers website maintenance, website security, hosting and merchant account. It also allows us to pay for our website developer’s time, travel expenses and advertising.
  • All original copies are kept with the Captain, along with a complete list of group members.
  • Yes, you can just email us and we get you out of the mailing list.
  • No. All members of our website must pay-per-group they wish to join. Once a group is joined, a list of all group members will become available, including your groups “lucky tickets”. You are the member of only that group. As some lotteries have more groups.
  • In groups such as Lotto 6/49 and Lotto Max, you can play your own numbers or choose quick pick. Some lottery organizers provide Let’s Play Lottery Group with random numbers. This depends on the number of tickets purchased. For example, Heart and Stroke lottery or Canadian Cancer lottery.
  • Prior to the lottery, the first random number will be allocated to the first registered member of the corresponding group. The second random number will be allocated to the second registered member, and it will continue in this order. Please keep in mind that you are playing as a group
  • Customer support can be contacted by email, and through a 1 800 number.
  • Once a lottery commences, you cannot refund, transfer or gift a ticket
  • You have to email us the email we had send you and last 4 digit of your visa you used and date time and lucky numbers and names once we check if its all ok we send you a copy. This must be done before the lottery ends and not after the results.
  • Please confirm that the right amount was withdrawn from your account. Next, ensure that you have received a confirmation email. Finally, please note that the lottery group you are in, is indeed what you signed up for. Please sign copy of your ticket.•Check your lucky numbers and personnel information •Any changes let us know 2 weeks before the lottery starts.
  • No. Do not allow anyone to make a copy of the tickets.
  • 3 weeks before the lottery starts we mail you the list of members and their lucky numbers pleas recheck let us know any changes in 2 weeks before the lottery starts.